Do you want to build healthy, Jesus centered communities in Europe that 

multiply? Do you want skills to plant communities and pioneer ministries in European cities? Are you part of a local church or ministry and want to learn more about missional communities?


People in Europe are crying out for hope, purpose & direction. They need no empty promises; they need real encounters with the living God who changes lives! We believe a key to restoring hope to Europe is through communities of believers who reach out to their city, inviting people into their lives as they

follow Jesus together.



This school equips you to learn how to live and lead communities in a missional way. Missional communities are extended families on a mission, this school will give you the knowledge, tools and inspiration to live this lifestyle anywhere you are.

SMC is a part of a YWAM Skien ministry called Mission Europe.


Lectures are module based, and take place over 7 days in Skien, Norway. There are 6 modules, spread out over 2 years. Modules have themes such as Gods Kingdom, Missional Lifestyle, New Community Planting, and How to Disciple Others. Between the modules you will have coaching and group sessions as well as practical and theoretical assignments. Your field work needs to be done in a context where you plant a missional community or church. You do not have to be a full time YWAMer. You can be working in a different vocation or be a student, but you must have a local platform to implement tools and principals of evangelism, leadership and pioneering. If you would like to do the school, but don’t have a local platform to do field work, you can do an internship with Mission Europe in Skien. Look here for more information.


Module 1: Church and Community

18th – 24th of February 2019

Learn the dynamics of church as a lifestyle, as well as practical and effective strategies for leading others in spiritual community.


Module 2: Culture and Context

2nd – 8th of May 2019

Grow in your understanding of European worldview, and church history, and how to relate what we do and who we are to Europeans today.


Module 3: Leadership and Team

17th – 23rd of October 2019

Explore what it means to be a leader in the church of today, and how to build and lead your team through the different stages of community planting.


Module 4: Impact and Mission

17th – 23rd of February 2020

Go in depth on what it means to disciple people today, pioneer new ministries and churches, while learning how to preach the gospel and make an impact on those around you in your everyday life.


Module 5: Lifestyle and Self-Development

7th – 13th of May 2020

Gain understanding of how to establish a healthy lifestyle, and how to facilitate growth in your life and in the lives of others, with topics such as life values, resilience, and spiritual disciplines.


Module 6: Multiplication and Movement

15th - 21st of October 2020

Learn how to plant with a kingdom mindset, having multiplication as a goal, and how to champion leaders, release them, and cast vision for the future.

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